Monday, January 2, 2017

Singapore is considered the mecca of those who prefer adventure sports in Southeast Asia with many thrilling games

This is a type of very popular water sport in Hawaii. However, if you want to try this game in Asia, Singapore will be the ideal address for you. you can fly safely and with relative ease up to 10 meters in very safe condition because you still control it. The Seabreeze Water-Sports Park (Wave House Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island) will be the address for you to experience and try out this game. You will be very excited knowing that do not need to spend a lot of money to fanning the excitement.

Mega Zip
Mega Zip is an interesting adventure game in the MegaZip Adventure Park, Imbiah Hill Road, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore that visitors should try. Participants are connected to the zip-line by a customized "zipper" and then be dropped freely. Depending on the courage that visitors can select the speed, the different dropping levels. The cable system Mega Zip of Singapore 450 meters long, at 72m above sea level and across a jungle, a beach, the sea, and ending on a man-made island off Siloso Beach.

Climb Max
Climb Max is one of interesting adventure games in the MegaZip Adventure Park Imbiah Hill Road, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island Singapore that tourists love. It is the game in which you will walk on cable in the space. Guests are provided with full-body harnesses and are connected to continuous belaying systems, pass a narrow path 12 meters long, connected by wooden planks and ropes. Depending on the age of players, altitude will be different. The course has 12 obstacles per level, and includes confidence gaps, horizontal ladders and mini flying foxes.. However, guests assured because there is a team of experienced protection will ensure your safety.

Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze is an adventure sports game appeared recently in Singapore. If those who have been to the circus and was impressed with the acrobats in the air, this is the opportunity to try experience. Guests will climb the high podium, with a guide to help you hook 2 feet into one timber. Upon hearing the command is ready, visitors let go of their hand and flew.
Children under four years, pregnant women, and people with health problems are not permitted on the Flying Trapeze.

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore is an adventure game simulating the largest indoor skydiving environment in the world environment.

It is the largest aerodynamic vertical tunnel in the world: it measures 5 meters in diameter, and its height is equivalent to five-storey house. The lower part is a wind turbine can generate wind of 300 km / h, but it usually blows with speed from 160 to 190 km / h.

Children under 3 years, pregnant women, people in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as well the ones having health problems, are not allowed to the ride.

Wave House
Surfing but not on the sea, that is ... in the wave house! You can surf on man-made waves. This game is intended for who want to try the feeling of surfing but scared to try it directly on the sea.​

Sentosa Wave House is a construction with area in more than 6,500m2 located along the beach. It is surrounded by swimming pools, chill-out zones, terraces for vacationers, as well as a bar and a restaurant, where American and Asian dishes are served. Coming here, those who love surfing, want to ride on 3m high waves will be enjoyed this amazing feeling but still was very safe. Even those who never surf also do not be afraid, because you will get the help of the experienced guides at Wave House.

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