Thursday, February 18, 2016

Located atthe base of Mount Emei, a popular tourist destination because of its location as the place where Buddhism was first established in China, a hotel  is set to officially open in southwest China's Sichuan province in May with 32-room, where everything is themed around the endearing creature. Panda Inn is evaluated as a unique idea combines natural symbol of China and modern architecture.

With panda theme throughout, small hotel is mainly impressed with the young, romantic couples, and above all those who love animals. Font color schemes of black and white like as hair color of the "protagonist", added yellow to increase elegance.

It is also admired for its rich biodiversity and natural beauty - there are some 3,200 plant species in the area.The rooms are small with simple decoration but very cute. All the hotel's facilities are related to pandas, including the slippers, towels and pyjamas, and the staff wear giant panda suits. Each room has a huge stuffed panda the innovative items simulated black eye bear as cushions, bolsters, bed... Also on the walls there are paintings innovative character variations according panda style, with black, white and cuddles, from posters to sailor moon or Titanic.

 Bedrooms are decorated beautifully with stuffed pandas​

At Panda Inn also provides the service in which, the employees will disguise as raccoons taking pictures with you, or chat with you in the morning; they are quite interesting. Or you can ride to the research center of breeding pandas located not far from the hotel, the hotel's location is convenient for travelers looking to interact with real, live pandas, too

Price per night in Panda Inn is pretty soft with tourists, only from about 300 to 500 yuan (around $48-$80) per night.

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