Thursday, March 3, 2016

Located at South Gyeongsang Province, Hadong is famous for the most beautiful Cherry Blossom road in Korea. In April, rows of cherry trees bloom along the Cherry Blossom road lasting 4 km, vast five-color forests and a stream surrounding tea hills will make travelers be surprised about Hadong.

The famous road of cherry blossom in Korea​

HaDong is dubbed the city at the foot of "the Alps of South Korea" because of the beauty as a picture of this place. The valley and the mountains throughout the county are covered with tea bushes in both clean designs and large, sprawling patches that have been left alone in all of its natural, earthy state.

A terraced hill of green tea​

Jirisan Mountain is famous symbol of the city surrounded by dreaming river Seomjing-gang. This is the location of the most well-preserved virgin forests in Korea. There are many species of animal and plant life, and as the first place to cultivate tea in Korea.

Seomjin-gang from a angle on the hillside​

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