Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Laoshan Mountain is one of the most unusual tourist attractions in China, with outstanding values on the marvelous mountainous scenery and coastal landscape, culture and rich history.

Laoshan Mountain is a famous mountain in China with wonderful scenery at 2.217m high, facing the Yellow Sea. It has a coastline of 87.3 kilometers, with 13 bays and 18 islets nearby.

Laoshan Mountain adorned by waterfalls among a sea of clouds, green trees and bamboo

The mountain is carpeted in ancient trees such as cypresses of the Han, elms of Tang and gingkoes of the Song dynasties.

This place also is also known as the final resting place of Laozi, the founder of Taoism. The highest peak is the mountain is Laojun Temple, surrounded by three pavilions - Jin Dian, Liang Bao Tai and Yu Huang Ding.

To get to the top of Laoshan Mountain, travelers can take the cable car in about 17 minutes from She Shen Ya, or walk on a 10 km road. The best place for tourists to watch the landscape of the main temple and 3 towers is Ma Zong Ridge.

The nature reserve is a combination of natural beauty and Taoism culture. The area around the main temple and three towers also has 16 Taoist temples, Six of them have been restored to welcome tourists.

A newly developed tourist spot in the Laoshan Mountain Nature Reserve called Shi Li Bing Hua, which means "10 mile beautiful as painting".
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