Thursday, March 1, 2018

Space around was covered with light, feels like I’m walking among the fairy world.

If you visit theme parks Nabana no Sato (Japan) on these days, you will admire the brilliant scene of festive lights decorating the biggest in years. The festival is named Winter Illuminations, one event is held annually in the land of the rising sun.

Both the extensive gardens are lit night sky highlights.

“Field flowers” foothills.

Mount Fuji as wearing the green jacket splendid plate.

The road blue sapphire.
With the main theme is nature, this year’s festival brings together performances gorgeous light, simulating natural phenomena such as sunrise, rainbows, auroras …
There were over 6 million LED colors are affordable over wide areas to 26.400m², from the ground, the water to the trees, everywhere sparkling, glowing.

Space around was covered with light, feeling like you are walking among the fairy world.
Nabana no Sato actually a flower garden located in Mie Prefecture, Honshu Island, Japan. It is designed in traditional style with many precious flower varieties, and is known as the famous tulip park in Japan. If as in the daytime, the park is full of flower color when night comes it again engulfed in twinkling lights.

This is a fun place for couples or families on weekend cruises.

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