Thursday, March 1, 2018

A very interesting thing is that since 2000, the Thai students no longer have to learn the compulsory textbook stiff, instead, students freely select their favorite subjects. This change has turned the traditional rote learning into innovative forms of learning and intellectual stimulation of the students much more there!

Schools in Thailand has a lot of festivals: Sports Association, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Festival, Queen’s Day … Activity Children’s Day in encouraging the creativity of the students, and contribute You can help the disadvantaged.

Unlike Vietnam, the land of the Golden Temple chose Teachers’ Day is an annual day 16/1. Respect for his seniors is a tradition of this country. Students here are esteemed teachers, a teacher and get the honor of the whole society.

Discover one of the school day the students Thailand very exciting offline. First, in the morning, you have to stand in line before the flagpole, eyes upward flag with the respect. Then the headmaster would appear, he asks you a number of questions related to the daily life of students,

8 am, the national flag is hoisted. Students began to sing the national anthem and muttered an Buddhist prayer.

Speaking of classes in Thai, there are countless interesting. Hey, what a toothbrush with the name of the students. Prior to the class, then you have to take off shoes and lined up next to the wall.

Time for school at 4 pm, the students concentrated in rows and listen to the principal and told a few things before returning home. There you will be welcomed by parents motorcycles, there you go by bus. When traveling on a bus in Thailand, instead of giving way to the old, you will have to make way for a child. And that was the difference in the culture of the land of the Golden Temple there!

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