Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Located in northwestern tip of Pahang, Cameron highland is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations. Because of the perfect climate, the Cameron Highlands is home to vast tea plantations, valleys, and strawberry farms.

With a cool climate all year round mild weather and  scenic views of the nature, tourists mostly come to Cameron Highlands to escape the heat and enjoy one of the countless unexplored beauty: Mossy Forest, Rafflesia tour, strawberry farm, rose gardens, a Chinese temple, a cactus valley and vegetable gardens.

In past times English colonists settled at the Cameron Highlands, which is why visitors will feel as being in countryside in England. The houses with beautiful English-style architecture are the base for travelers to visit and take a vacation here.

There are numerous hotels and affordable guesthouse and apartments concentrating in 2 centers of the city.

Hotels Cameron Highlands:
 - Cameron Highlands Resort
 - Equatorial Hotel
 - Strawberry Park Resort
 - Century Pines Resort
 - The Lakehouse Hotel
 - The Smokehouse Hotel
 - The Bala's Holiday Chalet
 - Hotel De La Ferns
 - Parkland Apartment
 - Casa De La Rosa Hotel

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