Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bali Arts Festival is the Denpasar cultural event of the year, starts from mid-June to mid-July the PKB in the Werdi Budaya Art Center, Jalan Nusa Indah in East Denpasar, handicraft exhibitions and other related cultural and commercial activities.

The event itself: Bali Modern theatre, Photography Workshops, culinary festivals, and musical performances

The Bali Arts Festival is the annual celebration showcasing the best of artworks and cultural achievements. Hundreds of artisans participate and showcase their talents.

Throughout the Bali Arts Festival, a variety of traditional and contemporary dances, shadow puppetry, music compositions and youth competitions that fill the festival agenda.

Besides the live performances, the yearly event also features handicraft, painting and sculpture exhibitions, together with a traditional culinary festival that presents favourite Balinese dishes.

This year it tentatively June 11th to July 9, 2016, and carries a main theme "Pasuk Wetuning Bhuwana: Maintaining Universal Balance and Synergy" 

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