Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Philippines is a perfect haven for snorkelers and anyone who loves the sea. Here are the great snorkelling destinations in the Philippines itinerary.

Tubbataha Reef National Park
Palawan is one of the best dive sites in the world, a World Heritage Site with over 1,000 species of marine life including manta rays, sharks, clownfish, whales and turtles.
Tourists will have the opportunity to admire the shallow coral reefs; clear, calm water; and of course interesting marine life.
Best seasons from March to June

Apo Island
Apo Island is a very small volcanic island in Negros Oriental, south of Cebu. It’s one of the 5 best dive sites don’t miss in Philippines. This marine paradise has a staggering variety of colorful corals and fish.
Besides diving activity, you can visit the marine sanctuary on Apo Island to learn more about the exotic underwater animals.

Honda Bay
Honda Bay is located in the eastern shore of the island of Palawan. Here is good ideal for snorkeling with the animal and plant life in the ocean are also very rich.

Malapascua Island
The Malapascua Island in Cebu is a ribbon island, you can see sharks having quite bizarre shape and other marine species that are quite featured characteristics.

Puerto Galera town
Puerto Galera is also quite famous and the flora and fauna. This is a big marine sanctuary. This town has more than 40 dive sites being suitable for all levels, the foremost snorkeling site of Puerto Galera is Coral Garden with the marine life is rich and spectacular. The area is covered with an array of coral and colorful fish.

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