Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Located is north of Lebih Beach and in south-central Bali, Bali Safari and Marine Park is the home of hundreds of different species of animals, including spotted deers, Himalayan bears, nilgai, black bucks, African hippos, zebras, camels, ostriches, baboons, blue wildebeests, lions and some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo, Orang Utan, and the Bali Mynah

The Bali Safari & Marine Park owned by Taman Safari Indonesia, covering 40 hectares of pristine forest in Gianyar and surrounded by beautiful forest and coastline, more than 60 species from 4 continents, it is a one of Bali’s most fascinating for all ages

Guests riding on a safari bus to to travel through different areas of the park, see the wildlife collection living naturally, elephant rides and camel, as well as close-up photo opportunities with some of the animals.

The climate here can be rather hot so keep hydrated throughout the day. If you want to take a dip in the water park, bring a change of clothes, towel and swimwear. The pools are open until 5pm.

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