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Filipino food may not be as famous as many neighboring countries, but still has some delicious dishes of its own.

Filipino Lumpia Recipe
Filipino Lumpia Recipe is a popular mainstay in Filipino food gatherings.
Lumpia consists with a mixture of ground chicken or pork, shrimp and vegetables, spices, then rolled in rice paper and fried.
You can find lumpia wrappers in Asian food stores wherever they keep their frozen food. Filipino Lumpia Recipe is usually eaten with sweet and sour sauce

Sinigang sour soup
Sinigang is a sour soup. it can be cooked with fish, prawns, pork or beef, tamarind, kamias or tomatoes and vegetables like kangkong, string beans and taro, this stew is eaten with rice.

Grilled pork Lechon
The lechon is a pork dish in several regions of the world. In the Philippines, it is a familiar dish in any special occasion, during festivals, and the holidays. The entire pig is roast over hot charcoal and continuously rotate until the skin gets brown and crunchy. The pork is chopped pieces and dotted with liver sauce.

Pancit Palabok
The pancit palabok is very popular in birthday parties. It is a noodle dish with shrimp sauce and several ingredients such as pork, hard boiled eggs, shrimps, pork rinds and sometimes oysters and squid, green onions sprinkled over rice noodles.

A ubiquitous dish in every household in the Philippines, it is Adobo. Filipino is often cooking meat (often chicken and pork) in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices until ripe. It's often eat with white rice.

Sisig is a popular appetizer composed of pork cheeks, head meat, liver. It can be processed in fried or steamed and then grilled.
Usually, it is eaten with rice or with ice cold beer.
Sisig can be found in many restaurants.

The common ingredients are goat, but can use beef or pork instead, tomato and liver sauce. It is a favorite meal served during parties, festivities and other special occasions in the Philippines.

Halo-halo is a favorite Filipino dessert or snack , just as ice cream, including caramel, condensed milk, ice cream, shaved ice, added dried fruit, beans.

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