Saturday, April 9, 2016

1. Khao niew bing

Khao niew bing is the ideal snack for morning tea or a light meal at midnight. The process of making sweet sticky rice dishes Khao niew bing begins with sticky rice being cooked with coconut milk and sugar. Then cover it away would be a banana or potato pieces, wrapped and grilled on a grill. Save Khao niew bing flung special is highly brittle and hard on the outside, but rather soft and loose inside. Not too sweet, the faint smell of coconut and the plus the scent of banana leaves is quite interesting dishes.

2. Luk chup

In the culinary world looks colorful sweet, Thai Luk cakes always been the most prominent. Luk chup brought into Thailand in the 16th century by the Portuguese, made from mung bean cake, sugar and coconut milk and kneaded into fruits like strawberry, orange, small watermelon, then coated onto artificial colors to add vivid.

3. Roti

Roti Cake originating from India. In addition to Thailand, this cake is also available in many countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Thai roti pie somewhat crispy exterior but inside is very soft. Thai style roti is crafted by swiftly flipping dough continuously on a hot, greased skillet until it reaches just the right consistency - flaky on the outside and soft in the middle. Each flavor were shown ingenuity of workers in each cake is fried crispy outside, soft and sweet fragrance inside. Especially when you also do not forget to enjoy a little extra milk sprinkled on top to add delicious cake offline.

4. Coconut Cream (I-dtim mat Phrao)

After sightseeing or shopping in the hot weather in Thailand, it is difficult to refuse to see this fascinating car coconut cream beckons. Just waiting for you nod, sellers will quickly halved coconut, drain and serve immediately half cup coconut cream that do. Coconut cream made from coconut milk and soft so greasy, this dish is decorated with fresh copra, groundnut, corn immature, jellies, jaggery or pumpkin julienne.

5. Mango sticky rice (Khao niew Mamuang)

Referring to the Thai street food you really can not ignore the mango sticky greasy dishes, famous specialties are many visitors praised. Snack foods include sticky plastic pineapple, mango Thai and a little extra coconut milk on top, eating, blend ingredients create delicious flavor unparalleled.

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