Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ten Goong: The name of this dish means “dancing shrimp”. The dish includes the little baby shrimp are tossed with seasoning, fish sauce, ground roasted dry chili, coriander, and a bit of onion. When you eat, the shrimp will dance in your mouth. Many people said this dish quite tasty and interesting, you can try it when to Bangkok.

Larb Leuat Neua: This dish consists of raw beef, basil with buttery blood sauce. Larb Leuat Neua often used as accompanying snack when drinking beer.

Som Tam Dong Hoy: This is not something that anyone dares to try.. Som Tam Dong is made from salad and leavened oysters with  a sauce which is as red as blood.

Goong Chae Nam Pla: A very simple dish that one can make within few minutes, since it will be eaten raw, including fresh and raw shrimps, add peppers and herbs.

Just before serving, a mixture of nam pla (fish sauce), palm sugar and lime juice is poured over the shrimps

The shrimps are soaked in fish sauce and served with sliced cabbages.

Larb Mote Daeng: main ingredients are fire ants and their eggs. It is said to be one of the most delicious foods in Thailand.

Yum Kai Yeow Maa: Century eggs mixed with salad.
Century eggs: eggs are preserved in a mixture of black tea leaves, salt, sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, zinc oxide and water.

GAENG Sataw: It’s hard to swallow bean dishes made from this foul. While beans are very nutritious but foul smell of it makes you want to stay away immediately. Many say it smells like smelly “deflated” by humans.

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