Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thailand has always been a haven for devotees of sweet, sure to be charmed by this advance snacks for watching!

1. Breads:

Pang Ji: Pang Ji cake shaped rather like a mini pancake dish, eat pineapple flavored coconut fragrance.

Khanom Tarn: Tarn Khanom Cake is very popular in Thailand, they are made from jaggery and is shaped like a small pudding.

Khanom Keng: A cake made from glutinous flour super sticky.

Khanom Tuay Foo: This is a fantastic cake made of sweet bread very cheerful, so much color combinations together.

Khanom Moa Gang: This is a type of Thai custard cakes, are overlaid on a layer of onion.

Salim made from long fibers and fiber fragments as sorghum, but it is mixed with fat coconut milk.

Loy Nam King: is also very famous in Chinatown in Bangkok.

Tow Pakim Kai: combines both sweet and savory taste, cooked with sticky rice flour and coconut milk.

Rang Nok: made from oats, so bring lots of nutrients.

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