Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mention in the Malaysian island paradise is sure many visitors will think of Langkawi, Malaysia - the most romantic place in the world. With the beautiful, diverse landscape, Langkawi gradually become favorite destinations of travelers to Southeast Asia. ​

Langkawi is located in northern of Malaysia, far away from the center of Kuala Lumpur about 1000 km depending on the area. The archipelago is famous for its white beaches. Besides the glamor and gorgeous beaches, Langkawi also attracts a lot of visitors by the bustling shopping areas. Especially, all the goods here are duty-free. Because of the duty free status of Langkawi, there are some jewelers who offer their products and designs at very attractive prices.

This island is dubbed the pearl island with nature which is sufficient convergence all the unique morphology. Langkawi is where visitors can experience the different spaces, from standing on mountain for sightseeing landscapes to discovering the mangroves and diving into the sea.

One of the most famous beaches of Langkawi is Cenang. Here, visitors can participate in water sports such as windsurfing attractive, diving, sailing …
If you do not like sports activities, guests can lounge on the white sand shore and enjoy the sunset.

In addition, to the island of Langkawi, you can join a tour to explore the mangroves, including fun activities such as food for eagles, bird watching sun, snakes, monkeys … and submerged trees .

Besides the natural scenery, unique gift of Langkawi is the wild eagles. It is not coincidence that Langkawi is called "island of the eagles". You can catch this bird flying leisurely in anywhere on the island.​

Langkawi’s main tourist season is from Christmas through to the end of April. However, due to the warm year-round climate and low rainfall, Langkawi can be visited throughout the year.

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