Thursday, April 7, 2016

From 1/7, residents and visitors to Thailand will be playing with snow in the cold air in Snow Town (Township snow).

Snow Town is a combination park and themed restaurants first snowfall in Bangkok. After the opening day’s 5th floor 1/7 at Gateway Ekamai shopping district, this town will become home shopping in the biggest snowfall in Southeast Asia with an area of over 3,000 m2.

The town is decorated in European style and covered with artificial snow layer has a thickness of about 30 to 40 cm, which allows guests to participate in games such as skiing, snowboarding, snowball … Even more guests can at home snow to feel cold air.

The town is divided into 21 small areas, including many restaurants have snow and enjoy playing with snow and snow church …

In addition, residents and visitors to the town can enjoy snow delicious food at many Japanese restaurants like Steak no Don, Aji No Tokeidai or Hanabatake Bokujo …

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