Thursday, April 7, 2016

For Thais, the plays based on dance, dance played a very important role in the cultural life, art, spirit. Type of the most popular stage and attract more tourists - Khon especially dramatic, with the most important element is the mask.

Drama masks have very long history, is a version of the famous Indian epic Ramayana. In this play, dance and performance are two inseparable components, each step will bring a certain sense as the action running, jumping, laughing, parades … are accompanied by music.

Before the 19th century, actors Khon mainly men. Then, women began participating in his role. The actors often wear masks and not say anything. The story and some dialogue, is a choir singing backstage undertake.

Although the masks play an important role in the drama of a career as a mask Khon but this tradition is increasingly endangered. These young people no longer have the patience to spend a year studying as a mask. That is why on earth were very few Thai factory of this kind of mask.

One of the Khon mask factory remains rare in Thailand is an outdoor workshop in the province of Angthong, 100 km from Bangkok, owned by Prateep Rodpai artisans. Visit this workshop, visitors can admire the cardboard material as well as watch the artists is composed of traditional masks.

Khon masks are handmade most of the steps, from pay to draw strokes paper, paint and attach the necessary texture. Thus, each mask is very delicate, meticulous and has a price of up to 50 – 120 USD. It took 10 days, the new Thai artists complete a mask.

Nowadays, not only Khon mask theater used for plays but also become souvenirs, decorations in every restaurant, hotel Thailand.

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