Monday, April 25, 2016

Salem is a city  located northeast of Boston. It's famous for its 1692 witch trials, many accused people were hanged in the 17th century, during which several locals were executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

“Witch City” has a rich history, helps Salem to become tourism city of Massachusetts.
Landmarks from this episode include the Witch House, the former home of a trial judge. The Peabody Essex Museum has a massive collection of global art and artifacts, including a rebuilt Qing-era Chinese house.

 Salem also attracts tourists with its history as one of the aged cities in America, its typical lighthouses by the coast of Massachusetts

At the City’s historic center, the 18th century private homes and the heyday of the City are still completely intact. On Chestnut Street, connected to the mentioned historic center, series of shops, stores always crowded with tourists throughout the day are situated.

You can tour a 17th century graveyard and then walk straight across the street to the Peabody Essex Museum for an exhibition on Modern African Art. Hipster cafes are housed in centuries old buildings and a stroll down the tree-lined streets with your ipod makes for a great afternoon.

Nowadays, ‘witch’ has become... a symbol of Salem, even the City’s police badge includes the picture of a witch on the broom! On the roads of the City, you can easily run into modern witches flocking to Salem to purchase witchcraft utilities and equipment.

And, in addition to traditional tourist souvenir shops, “specialized” witch shops can be found which you can browse to remind yourself of ancient blood-stained tales and modern-time super-natural beliefs.

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