Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pee Ta Khon Thai is a ghost festival that takes place in June each year in Dansai in Loei Province. The festival combines the joy spirit with the fear from the unknown that is presented by figures of demons and ghosts.

The root of the festival is about the last days of Buddha before he reached the Nirvana and welcomes Buddha back after he was presumed dead.

The festival takes over 3 days, consists of various parades, games, and community events to celebrate and respect the spirits of the community. The first day consist of paying respects to the river spirit by participating in some community games. The second day is the "Rocket Festival" where rockets are fired to the skies asking for rain to come. The third day is committed to listening to Buddhist sermons from monks.

The main event of the festival is a disguise and masks parade takes place on Friday, when there is a grand procession of men and boys (and these days, girls) in their colorful masks and costumes
As preparation to the parade, the men gather on the river shore and smear themselves with mud from bottom to head, only their eyes are without mud
Tens of men take part in the mask parade that accompanied with music, dance, singing and shooting of measles made of bamboo that cause fierce explosions. Contents for the beautiful mask, cloth and dance are held

If join this impressive ceremony, you should prepare yourself a mask bearing the devil offline. Because of the festival, everyone from young men and women to small babies are wearing masks and dressed demon of evil.

Guests also do not forget to bring a camera or video to record the unique repertoire, is the highlight of the festival

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