Monday, April 18, 2016

You want to drive yourself to experience the feeling of freedom and comfort and explore every nooks and crannies of Bangkok, renting a car is one of the best ways to get as much as possible from your trip. 

The car rental service in Bangkok is the top choice, provides you with a good assortment of vehicles to choose from. There are many units providing car hire services at good prices, creating favorable conditions for your trip.

Tourists often rent cars, many rental companies offer a car with a driver which saves you the problem of driving in a foreign country. The costs of renting a car varies depending on where in Thailand you would like to rent it, approximately US$33 (€25) per day.

Tips for driving a rental car in Thailand
 - Drive on the left
 - Try to adapt to the local conditions
 - Taxi and bus drivers can be aggressive, so you should be prepared to drive defensively.
 - Be careful of motorcycle riders since they tend to be quite reckless.
 - Please respect the fact that Thai drivers are very polite and courteous.
 - It is not recommended to drive at night due to heavy truck traffic on the roads.

Hiring a taxi is also the choice of many travelers wanting to use car hiring services in Bangkok.

Motorcycles are the suitable vehicles for exploring the city with a small fee. If renting a motorcycle in Bangkok you should negotiate the price clearly before starting.

In addition, you can also hire other vehicles such as bicycles, private taxi or a few vehicle categories being suitable to your favorite

In any case, accidents can happen, make sure you have adequate insurance for something like this

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