Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bokor Mountain is located on the territory of Kampot province, it is the eco-tourism destination, one of the main tourist sights around Kampot. During the French occupation, the French built a luxury resort town on the very top of one of these mountains called the Bokor Resort.

Because the cool air of Bokor, the French nobility has built a resort here in the 1920s as an escape from the heat and humidity at ground level.

Besides, the French built a hotel, casino, church, post office, and other necessities like a water tower – which still stands to this day, not far off a century later.

Currently, many of the old buildings still exist in a state of perfect tact on the top of Bokor Mountain creating an attractive cultural tourism location.

The location is beautiful, Bokor Hill was not only admired by the French. King Sihanouk regularly spent time returning to his resort here to meditate front Bokor in the sunset.

 The old Catholic Church is striking and stillness

The mountain also owns the mysterious legends behind its existence. This place used to be a vast ocean, and through many geological changes to form the current Bokor Mountain. The rocks formation with grass growing in between the straight-line crevices, Wat Sampov Pram and/or the 500 Rice Fields Meditation Area were and are being a holy place for pilgrimages.

The waterfalls at Bokor Mountain

The view from the top of Bokor Mountain is fabulous. This place has a cool and pleasant climate, but the top of Bokor Mountain is often misty and much cooler than the area below.

The entrance fee for Bokor Mountain is $5

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