Thursday, April 21, 2016

This unique dish called wheat soy cotton candy, consisting of a huge cotton candy part lying above a dish of traditional hot hoisin sauce noodles. At first glance, it’s easy to confuse a soy noodles cotton candy cotton candy are just a normal, but chopsticks “pull” noodles hidden beneath her white candy out.

This dish is the initiative of a restaurant specializing in dishes of China and South Korea in Busan, wrap-noodle attracts customers by the strange poison and its uniqueness. 

Korean black noodles is a kind of noodles mixed with soy sauce, hoisin sauce typical of Korean, it is served with kimchi and kimbap. When combined with cotton candy, taste salty side, spicy, aromatic characterized by the octopus, pork, soy … bring, diners feel slightly sweet taste of cotton candy mixed elsewhere, forming an interesting combination could hardly any description.

In essence, this is the normal black noodles. However, their chef added a thick layer of cotton candy onto the disc.

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