Friday, April 8, 2016

Although every attempt has been born of Thai street food but if you have not tasted the delicacies typical of the capital Bangkok is still a pity.

1. Pad Thai

Pad Thai – the most famous dish of Bangkok street food ingredient is dry fried noodles with fresh shrimp, bean sprouts, tofu, eggs, leaf chives and sliced banana flower.

2. Mataba

Fried dough cake Mataba also includes two of salt (pork or chopped beef seasoned with curry powder) and the sweet (eggs with sliced bananas).

3. Gooay teeo reua

Gooay teeo reua- noodles are often sold along the rivers and canals of Bangkok and central Thailand.

4. Gooay-teeo-kooa

Gooay teeo kooa – noodle / fried egg noodles, chicken, squid and garlic are typical dishes of Bangkok that few other areas of Thailand are as good processing. The highest point of this dish is in Chinatown, where the noodles / pasta are fried with lard over charcoal.

5. Kanom beuang

Kanom beuang have two to choose from is salty (dried shrimp with pepper) and sweet (eggs and fruit), are sold at Nang Loeng market.

6. Tom-yam

Tom yam – sour Thai soup is legendary in this country. Almost no one ever eat through without addicted.

7. Mee grorp

Mee grorp is crispy fried noodles of Thai tradition.

8. Kow mok

Kow mok – famous dishes of Islam also widely sold in Thailand. Particularly in Bangkok, version of Kow mok more special with chicken, sweet and sour sauce, served with a bowl of fragrant chicken broth.

9. Meat skewer

What is special about the meat skewer sticks of Bangkok is peanut sauce comes.

10. Bamee

Are everywhere in Bangkok, Chinese-style noodles – Bamee usually served with grilled meat and vegetables.

11. Or sooan

Or sooan glutinous flour cakes are cooked with eggs and oysters make up a very strange taste that delicious ecstasy.

12. Mah hor

Mah hor’s dessert palace originating from Thailand. Exquisite snacks is the combination of sweet and sour fruits such as oranges, tangerines or pineapple with salty taste of pork, chicken, peanuts, sugar, pepper and coriander.

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