Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pulau Ubin is an island off eastern Singapore and one of Singapore’s last remaining rural areas. It is still relatively untouched and few tourists coming to, but the government recently began to have investment policies to develop tourism in Pulau Ubin.
 Gateway to visit eco area Pulau Upin​

Its name is derived from its original Malay name, Pulau Batu Jubin meaning "Island of Granite Stones". This is because, in the old days, the granite from the island was quarried to make floor tiles or jubin in Malay. The name of the island was later shortened to Pulau Ubin.

Most of the island's land area remains lush forests and many houses on the island still have traces of ancient architecture, and is home to projects for hornbill conservation and seahorse monitoring.

Pier, where visitors can walk and sightsee​

Pulau Ubin offers several bicycle trails, some of which are suitable for families with children. Bike rental costs about S$ 2/ 1 hour. Besides that, you can also choose to rent bikes all day. Cycling can help you explore the island faster and save more time. Additionally, you can also hire a taxi to explore the island.

The rock cliffs on the island are ideal for abseiling in which climbers scale down rock faces with ropes. It has a large quarry about 10-storeys deep and one and half times the size of the East Coast Swimming Lagoon.

The island with a secondary forest covering most of the western corner, was also renowned for its enormous biodiversity.

There is also a 20-metre tall viewing tower, a 1.1 km boardwalk and a visitor centre with a viewing jetty. Ketam Mountain Bike Park is one of Singapore’s best mountain bike trails, stretching through more than 8 km of thick jungle, with steep climbs and breathtaking descents.

Be sure to bring along mosquito repellent, sunscreen, water, coins for the drink vending machines along some of the bike trails and snacks if you plan to spend the day.

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